About the Museum

The core collection of the Strange Museum has been assembled from objects found in an assortment of tea chests purchased from a house clearance in 2002. The chests contained an odd mixture of items - objects, documents and fragments dating mainly from the mid 19th century, each item carefully packed with a hand written discription of the item and an account of how they were aquired - at first glance few of the items appeared to posses any intrinsic value. Upon inspection it was discovered that the collection had been assembled by Mr. Issac Arnold Mathew Strange, a victorian traveller, entepreneur and collector. From 1854 to 1901 his travels had taken him throughout the world looking for opportunities to develope his business interests, along the way he had developed an interest in unusual stories overheard in the hotels, cafes & bars and the various artifacts that were used to illustrate them. Facinated by the way the story tellers linked their 'factual' tales to their objects - he decided to collect them, carefully recording the story and packing the object with it. The collection has been displayed in a series of rooms based on the stories associated with each 'object', and exhibited next to the original text supplied by Mr. Strange thereby exploring the objects with the same facination that powered his imagination. Due to the delicate state of the items, much of the collection is still undergoing restoration. We intend to display more of the collection in the future. The Museum will run a number of special exhibitions that are in the spirit of Mr. Strange's original collection.

The Collecter

Mr. Issac Arnold Mathew Strange The life of Issac Strange

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